American Express Platinum Travel Card

American Express Platinum Travel Card


From availing best flight deals to finding the perfect insurance coverage for your travel, American express platinum travel card comes in handy. Get ready with your financial plans before leaving for a vacation. Better, create a financial to-do-list to ensure your finances to be in order.

You would always want to ensure your re-entry into the real world after a long vacation with few monetary moves. Here are some financial tips to avoid overspending on your upcoming trip:

  • Opt for Automatic Payment Services

Opt for an automatic payment service to avoid late fees and suspended services. Pay your financial bills on the go, while you travel with Amex platinum travel card.

  • Amex travel cards offer Indigo Vouchers up to 4,000 as a welcome gift.
  • Avail Spicejet Vouchers worth 7,700 on an expenditure of Rs. 1.90 lacs annually.
  • Grab the highest 8% reward rate offered by Amex travel cards to avail 11,800 worth Spicejet Vouchers and Rs. 10,000 worth Taj Group Vouchers on an expenditure of s. 4 lacs yearly.


This makes American express platinum a great travel card for frequent flyers offering a minimum of 6% reward rate in case you don’t reach out to Taj Hotels.

  • Use Travel Budgeting Debit and Credit Cards


Credit cards can charge up to 4% for purchases made out of the country for payment of hotels, tours, dinners etc. Planning beforehand will save you quite an amount of real money.

  • Consider getting hold of a debit card that does not charge on foreign transactions or using other bank ATMs.
  • Go for an unmatched service of Amex with 24*7 Platinum Assist and Emergency Card Replacement across the globe anywhere.

Make sure you hold a proper debit and credit card before announcing your tour plan. It will help you gain some monetary bonus during your trip.

  • Examine Exchange Rates


Consider taking some time to review the exchange rates prior to leaving your home. That can help you save some money.

  • Figure out your destination currency at least four weeks before your departure date.
  • Look for some real-time data from reliable sources rather for best exchange rates at the airport that is rare.

It often makes sense to look for best exchange rates in a popular financial or commercial area outside the airport. Some countries insist on travelers buying currency on arrival while some are dedicated to accept only U.S. dollars.

  • Get Covered


Ensure to be insured. Medical expenses and theft of belongings to travel inconvenience and cancelled trips – Travel insurance is a must factor to consider before.

  • Review your insurance before starting your vacation. Consider checking up with your health insurance before you plan to make any international travel.
  • Review your auto insurance policy to see what is covered in case of an emergency. Make sure to shoot an email to your insurance agent to get you covered.

Be a part of the American Express card member family to avail insurance. Book your travel tickets via American Express Platinum Travel Card to insure your tour with an automatic basic plan of coverage for both local and international travel. Enjoy your trip. Cheers!!


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